NEW 2024.03.22

FACEWHITE Completes Pre-A Funding and Continues Strong Push into Overseas Markets with Chinese Content

FACEWHITE Corporation recently completed its Pre-Series A financing round, with investments coming from three prominent Japanese companies: Hanabara Corporation, GAGA CORPORATION, and HORIPRO GROUP HOLDINGS.


Huahara Co., Ltd. is the Japanese branch of Shanghai GARDEN Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The studio was founded in 2013. Registered in 2018, the brand name “Garden” has now been one of the top domestic production companies of animation series and movies. Since 2013, the studio has produced several outstanding animation series, for example “Fox Spirit Matchmaker”, “The Outcast”, “JX3 Online” series, “Beryl and Sapphire”, “Vanguard Dome”, “Spirit Realm”, “Cheating Craft” and “Die Now”, etc. The studio has been collaborating with other top class companies such as Tencent, iQiyi, Bilibili, Mango TV, and Seasun Entertainment. It is aiming at integrating both domestic and overseas resources, sharing Chinese culture with the world and producing top quality animated series for the animation industry.


GAGA CORPORATION is a renowned Japanese film distribution company established in 1986. Over the years, it has distributed hundreds of films, including numerous Oscar-winning films such as “The King’s Speech”, “La La Land”, “Green Book” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.


HORIPRO GROUP HOLDINGS is a prominent Japanese talent management agency. Founded in 1960, the company went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1997. Many of its artists are well-known to Chinese audiences, including talents such as Momoe Yamaguchi, Honami Suzuki, Kyoko Fukada, Rimi Ishida, Tatsuya Fujiwara, and Satoshi Tsumabuki.


After this round of financing, Entertaining Films now boasts a total of 14 shareholders, covering almost the entire industry chain of content industry, from creation and production to distribution, theaters, and merchandising. Including HAOLINERS ANIMATION, Studio Pierrot, TV TOKYO Corporation, MOVIC, Good Smile Company, Daiichi, Sasaki Kogyo, LIVE VIEWING JAPAN, Newjoy Limited, COL Group, JAPAN ANIMATION FORWARD Limited, GAGA CORPORATION, Shanghai GARDEN Cultural Communication and HORIPRO GROUP HOLDINGS.


FACEWHITE was established in Tokyo in 2019. Since its inception, the company has initiated and collaborated on a multitude of projects in Japan, including “The Legend of Hei”, “White Snake”, “I Am What I Am”, “The King’s Avatar: For the Glory”, “Realm of Terracotta” and “Marry My Dead Body”among others.

The company has long been dedicated to promoting and distributing Chinese intellectual properties (IPs) overseas. In the future, it will also strive to introduce more excellent domestic productions to audiences in Japan and elsewhere through simultaneous releases.


The film “Viva La Vida” is set to premiere simultaneously in Japan on April 5th.


Utilizing the funds raised in this financing round, the company will continue to push its distribution and merchandise licensing sales, recruit talent, and further enhance the expansion of Chinese cultural content in Japan and other overseas markets.