With the philosophy of “Creating More Interesting (Japanese:面白い) Things”, FACEWHITE constantly brings the latest and entertaining Chinese film works to the Japanese market and audiences.
At the same time, the company is also willing to become a bridge of cultural exchanges between China and Japan.It is an honor for us to make a modest contribution on the talent exchange between the Chinese and Japanese film industry and the overseas market development of Chinese film projects.
We hope that with the participation of FACEWHITE, the exchange of cultural projects between China and Japan can deepen mutual understanding. New opportunities will be created in the cultural fields of the two countries.

Founder’s Speech

In Japan, let more people see more Chinese movies.

創立者Zhiling Dong
In recent years, China and Japan have become the world’s second and third largest market in the global film market. As two Oriental Cultural countries, there will be some similarities in the expression of their works. Therefore, I believe that in the future, there will be more and more exchanges between China and Japan in the field of culture and there will be more possibilities to expand the form and content of cooperation.
New cooperation between countries, especially in cultural industry, will certainly face a lot of new problems and challenges. The challenge comes not only from Japan, but also from China. I hope that we can build a reliable bridge for new business and development between the two countries through our professionalism and well-deserved reputation.
In Japan, let more people see more Chinese movies.
Founder of U17.com which is the first manga website in China.
Fully experienced in animation film project management.
In 2019, FACEWHITE was established and dedicate to film industry worldwide.
President of FACEWHITE     Zhiling Dong